O barranquenho: ponte entre línguas e culturas, passado, presente e futuro

Este Congresso internacional, que terá lugar no dia 2 de junho de 2017 em Barrancos, dirige-se a todos aqueles que se interessam pelos domínios da variação e do contacto entre línguas e que gostariam de conhecer Barrancos e de ouvir falar barranquenho, uma património oral único. A Cátedra UNESCO é uma das promotoras desta iniciativa.
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Linking Heritage – A new informal training course

On April 18, 2017, UNESCO Chair team member Armanda Salgado started a new informal training course conceived for rural communities in the Alentejo Region. During the two sessions in Almeirim and Lombador, participants had the opportunity to share memories and experiences related to their work and their social and cultural life.
Here is her illustrated report (in Portuguese).

2nd UNESCO Chair Meeting: Recommendations

On July 7, 2016, the 2nd Meeting of the UNESCO Chair in Intangible Heritage and Traditional Know-How: Linking Heritage took place at the University of Évora. At this meeting, convened under the theme "The Role of the Intangible Cultural Heritage", the participants revisited the concept of intangible cultural heritage; evaluated the application of the 2003 Convention and some of its results, namely in Portugal; questioned the underlying legal mechanisms and addressed doubts in regard to some of its aspects, and discussed the problems of safeguarding and promoting the ICH.

Welcome to the new ICH Forum

Do you want to exchange ideas with other experts in Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)?
With its new ICH Forum, the UNESCO Chair intends to build a professional network that, once fully implemented, should provide you with valuable information, relevant questions and stimulating challenges, apart from offering you a great opportunity to contact, interact and, eventually, cooperate with other professionals in ICH and other related areas.

Are you a professional with experience and knowledge in the various forum topics?
Get involved now. Register with the ICH Experts and ICH Projects Database and sign in to enter the ICH Forum. Follow the threads and topics you are most interested in or suggest new ones to the Forum administrator. Invite others to join and turn this application into a useful tool for your work and professional development.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email: ich.forum.network@gmail.com
The UNESCO Chair Team

Congresso internacional
Local: Cineteatro Municipal, Barrancos
Realization Date: 02 June 2017, 9h30 to 02 June 2017
International conference
Local: Teatro Garcia de Resende, Évora
Realization Date: 07 June 2017 to 08 June 2017
Local: Universidade de Évora, Escola de Ciências Sociais
Realization Date: 14 June 2017 to 16 June 2017
Local: Sines, Auditório da Administração do Porto de Sines
Realization Date: 07 September 2017 to 09 September 2017