Network of Portuguese UNESCO Chairs created

The agreement for the creation of a Network of Portuguese UNESCO Chairs was signed on October 11, 2016.
Among the Network's objectives are the exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practices, as well as the sharing of information and the wider dissemination of Portuguese UNESCO Chairs. Currently, Portugal has six UNESCO Chairs. The UNESCO Chair in Intangible Cultural Heritage at the University of Évora is one of them (...)
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2nd UNESCO Chair Meeting: Recommendations

On July 7, 2016, the 2nd Meeting of the UNESCO Chair in Intangible Heritage and Traditional Know-How: Linking Heritage took place at the University of Évora. At this meeting, convened under the theme "The Role of the Intangible Cultural Heritage", the participants revisited the concept of intangible cultural heritage; evaluated the application of the 2003 Convention and some of its results, namely in Portugal; questioned the underlying legal mechanisms and addressed doubts in regard to some of its aspects, and discussed the problems of safeguarding and promoting the ICH.

Welcome to the new ICH Forum

Do you want to exchange ideas with other experts in Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)?
With its new ICH Forum, the UNESCO Chair intends to build a professional network that, once fully implemented, should provide you with valuable information, relevant questions and stimulating challenges, apart from offering you a great opportunity to contact, interact and, eventually, cooperate with other professionals in ICH and other related areas.

Are you a professional with experience and knowledge in the various forum topics?
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