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Curating history

«Museums display objects constructed in historical complexity which cannot be explained by one single narrative. This complexity constitutes an obstacle for museum actors, who are assigned the task of providing an interpretation that can never embrace the entirety of the narratives contained in one object. Additionally, this difficulty expands when objects have to be placed in the narrative of permanent exhibitions, which present certain specific constraints. (...)

Are there new and old ways of curating history in permanent exhibitions? How is it possible to bring together museums, academia, and the public? In organising this workshop, we would like to offer a place for discussion where curators and scholars from a broad variety of institutions (museums, universities, research institutes etc.) elaborate a joint reflection in both theoretical and practical terms, structured around four sessions: History, Responsibility, Mediation and Communication (between Curators & Scholars).» (workshop abstract)

The European University Institute (EUI), in Florence, the Global History & Culture Centre at the University of Warwick, the CHAM – Research Centre, in Lisbon, in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Royal College of Art, in London.

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Photo: Cabinet of Art and Curiosities, Württemberg State Museum, Germany

Local: Several venues in Florence, Italy
Realization Date: 10 October 2017 to 13 October 2017