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Mimmo Cuticchio – Opera Dei Pupi [Sicily, Italy]

Mimmo Cuticchio (Gela, March 30, 1948) is an Italian storyteller, actor and theater director.

He is an important heir to the tradition of the Sicilian Opera dei Pupi, today recognized by UNESCO as being part of the World’s Oral and Intangible Heritage. Son of the famous puppeteer James Cuticchio, he opened in 1973 the Puppet Theatre Santa Rosalia in Palermo. In 1977, he founded the Figli d'Arte Cuticchio Association, which aims to preserve the art of the Opera dei Pupi. Mimmo Cuticchio is also an actor who knows how to switch on the scene the sing-song tone of the storyteller with various other styles and registers.

[extracted from the Italian Wikipedia version: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mimmo_Cuticchio foto: Sicilian puppets theatre by Mimmo Cuticchio.Teatrino dell'opera dei pupi di Mimmo Cuticchio. © Melania Messina]

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