Moni Ovadia [Milan, Italy]

Moni Ovadia (*1946), is an Italian singer, musician, author, theatre actor and director, who was born in Bulgaria to a Jewish family. Inspired by his great love for the Yiddish culture, which his musical theatre has helped to revive and make known, it is above all his love of mankind and his ongoing commitment to a culture of peace that have turned Ovadia into one of the most important contemporary creators, with a wide audience that spans all generations.

References: Moni Ovadia's website

Moni Ovadia, star of Italian theatre, discovers “Yiddishkeit”, article by Vered Zaikowsky, originally published in Hebrew [Eretz Acheret, 18, Sept.-Oct. 2003]

Dona Dona, here sung by Moni Ovadia, is a Yiddish theater song about a calf being led to slaughter.

EuroNews interview with Moni Ovadi to mark the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the birth of the EU.

Klezmer music

Flourishing around the world, Klezmer music is evolving and mutating into a dynamic music scene drawing on influences as diverse as gypsy, rock and hip-hop, while remaining deeply rooted in ancient Yiddish tunes.