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Intangible Cultural Heritage – The UNESCO Convention in Context

Bertrand Cabral, Clara (2011), Património Cultural Imaterial - Convenção da Unesco e Seus Contextos, Edições 70, Collection "Arte & Comunicação" No. 98, 336 pp.

In 2008, Portugal ratified the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, a fact that has aroused great curiosity among the Portuguese public as to its nature, characteristics and value to society.

What is intangible cultural heritage? Why is it important to ensure its protection?
What is the role of an international normative instrument?
These are some of the issues that are examined in this book. The UNESCO Convention is explained in a simple and objective way, so that everybody can collaborate effectively in the safeguarding of our extensive and rich intangible heritage.

Link to the publisher: http://www.edicoes70.pt/site/node/440

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