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Sharing History | Arab World – Europe | 1815-1918

The newest and most challenging Virtual Museum project from MWNF builds bridges through cultural history and helps make peace possible through knowledge and understanding.
Why does it matter that we all share history?
Have you ever thought about the fact that behind our awareness of history and cultural values today are several hundred years of a tradition where one part of the world had established the milestones for the interpretation of world history, while the rest of the world had adopted those milestones to understand their own history?
Until the beginning of the Internet era and the globalisation that came with it, this tradition built the basis of the world order and was actively or passively accepted by all involved. But the scenario has changed: today we are all called upon to look at our past as a shared heritage, which will give us inspiration for a joint future only if interpreted collectively, taking into consideration the perspectives of all concerned.
This is where MWNF's Sharing History comes in, with its aim of using works of art and cultural heritage to make the discovery of shared history both enjoyable and educational and to empower and engage people of all ages everywhere. (...)
Source: Museum With No Frontiers – MWNF website

  • Representative of the MWNF in Portugal – Cristina Correia, teacher at the ES Eça de Queiroz, Lisbon.

The following collaborators of the University of Évora, its Department of History and the Unesco Chair in Inangible Heritage are participating in this MWNF project :

  • Scientific coordination – Maria de Fátima Nunes | Full Professor in History at the University of Évora | Researcher and full member of the IHC – CEHFCi / University of Évora)
  • Bolseira | voluntária científica MWNF – Sandra Abelha | Master student at the University of Évora, Master in Heritage Management and Valorisation | Researcher at the IHC – CEHFCi / University of Évora