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Call for papers
International Conference on the History of Shipbuilding – Wooden & Post Wooden

The “International Conference on the History of Shipbuilding (Wooden & Post Wooden)” will be held in Pîrî Reis University, Tuzla-Istanbul on 10–11 May 2018.

«Wooden ships are the vehicles to adventures, explorations, and dreams. Ships and boats have connected people since the Paleolithic and transported goods and ideas across the planet. The history of shipbuilding is part of the history of technology, the history of ideas, and the history of the human adventure. The study of the diversity of watercraft invented, perfected, and evolved around the world is a fascinating occupation that aims to understanding humankind and its relations with nature, crafts, tools, building materials, the creation and dissemination of knowledge, and the immense possibilities that ships represent. It is time now to review the advances in research in the field of shipbuilding to provide more clues for other interdisciplinary fields: maritime history and global history, anthropology, sociology, archaeology, cartography, and the history of sciences and techniques.

The objective of the conference is to create an international platform for exchanging knowledge and experience on the history of shipbuilding. The conference will also establish and sustain a lasting forum where researchers and academicians from all around the world can continue to freely contribute to our understanding of all aspects of the shipbuilding enterprise and its place in human history.(...)»

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Deadline: 30 November 2017