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Call for papers
Travellers and travelogues on Safavid Iran

International conference to be held in Lisbon, the 29th and 30th of March 2018

«The beginning of the Safavid dynasty coincided with a renewed European interest on Iran, and thanks to an increasing number of printed narratives describing the voyages of western travellers both the country and its rulers became household names in Europe for the following two and a half centuries. Though Iran had been object of earlier travel writings by europeans since the Middle Age, the discovery of the printing press made these travelogues available to a larger audience, thus disseminating more information on the country, its history, people, religion and habits than ever before. However, not all travel writings are travelogues, and not all travelogues were published. As the travelogue became a literary genre in Renaissance and Baroque Europe, Iran come to be one of the countries traditionally depicted in these writings. This profusion of narratives, either manuscript or printed, testifies to the interest aroused by Safavid Iran among its contemporaries, and also bear witness to the fascination felt by travellers from different cultural backgrounds during their Iranian sojourn.(...)

It is the aim of this conference to discuss:

a) travel writing genre, either travelogues or any other writing form where the travel impressions of the people travelling through Iran is recordeddirectly or indirectly;
b) travellers and their travelogues (itineraries and writings in the context of its time);
c) travellers (who were they, and why did they travel to Iran);
d) cultural transfers and debates around travel writings. (...)»


Deadline: 15 December 2017