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Amazonia Y Utopia

In the afternoon of November 24, the documentary "Amazonia Y Utopia | las redicciones jesuítas guaraníes" by Vicente Perez Herrero will be shown at the Centro Cultural do Redondo in the framework of the 2017 HERITALES – International Heritage Film Festival – “Sustainable communities”.

«The discovery of virgin lands and renaissance humanism leads Tomas Moro to locate his UTOPIA in America. The University of Salamanca opens the moral and legal debate on the indigenous people.
The rights of the Indians are proclaimed and Francisco de Vitoria sets the foundations of international law.
In this climate, the Jesuits (1600-1750) founded missions with Guarani, Moxos and Maynas warlike tribes on an area as large as Spain and now encompassing Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia.
The Jesuits isolate the reductions to the influence of the white man besides unscrupulous merchants and even officials of the crown and install an egalitarian administration: The land is communal and the profit is distributed evenly. Utopia is spoken.
But relations with the Crown of Spain were not going to be easy or with their neighbours closer by the attacks of the Portuguese Bandeiras (Slave) that operated from Brazil.
For 150 years, Jesuit communities grow but their influence is not seen with good eyes by the absolutist kingdoms of Spain and Portugal.
The Jesuits are accused of echoing the ideas of enlightenment and of creating a state within the state, the so-called Jesuit Republic of Paraguay
The border dispute between Spain and Portugal derives in the Treaty of Madrid (1750) and the expulsion of the Jesuits, which is seen in the dilemma of obeying and abandoning the Indians or rebel. The guaraniticas war explodes.»

Organisation: CIDEHUS | Universidade de Évora - HERITALES and Tardes Cinéfilas - CM Redondo
Website: http://www.heritales.org

Local: Auditório do Centro Cultural do Redondo, Redondo, Portugal
Realization Date: 24 November 2017, 16h00 to 24 November 2017