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International Conference
Tourism and Gastronomy Heritage: Foodscapes, Gastroregions and Gastronomy Tourism

The 3rd International Conference UNITWIN | UNESCO Chair “Culture, Tourism, Development” will be held from June 16-20, 2014, in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

This meeting aims to present current research and tendencies in gastronomy heritage and tourism based on the biodiversity and cultural diversity of territories that are promoted as gastroregions and gastronomy tourism destinations.

João Rocha, team member of the UNESCO Chair in Intangible Heritage, will present a paper at this Conference.


  • Sustainable tourism policies and strategies of UNESCO World Heritage sites and UNESCO Intangible Heritage List related to gastronomy and UNESCO Creative Cities for Gastronomy
  • The role of geographical and traditional food indications for regional tourism development
  • Foodscapes and productive cultural landscapes
  • Gastroregions and gastronomy destinations
  • Food museums for local and regional tourism development
  • Heritage gastronomy in restaurants, hotel-restaurants, guest and rural houses: strategies and alliances
  • Food in airports and air companies
  • Food experiences in cruise tourism
  • Identity and heritage food products and traditional cuisine in lodgement and transport companies
  • New food tourism icons: markets places; centenary, traditional or innovative food shops,...
  • Wine tourism, oleotourism, holerotourism, fruitourism, beer tourism,...
  • Food routes
  • Fish tourism
  • Creative tourism and gastronomy experiences
  • Policies for gastronomy heritage and food tourism and national, regional or local development
  • Public-private partnerships for gastronomy tourism promotion and commercialization: associations, product clubs,…
  • Role of institutions, associations, foundations and gastronomy academies to promote and to consolidate quality food tourism
  • Specialized food tourism travel agencies
  • The impact of guides and reviews rankings for tourism food development: Michelin, Restaurant, Tripadvisor,…
  • Food products, food tourism branding and promotion though films and series
  • Media and social media for the promotion of food tourism

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Local: Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)
Realization Date: 16 June 2014 to 20 June 2014