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Cadi Ayyad University

Marrakesh’s Cadi Ayyad University, which was established in 1978, is one of Morocco’s major universities. Apart from Marrakesh, the University maintains institutions in Essaouira, Safi and Kelaa des Sraghna.

For over a decade, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the University Cadi Ayyad has been offering specialized training in the field of tourism, and most particularly so since 2006, with the introduction of a Master course in Tourism, Heritage and Sustainable Development. Its aim is not only to promote the preservation of Morocco’s cultural and natural heritage and the collective memory of its peoples, but also to establish an effective bridge between academia and the private enterprise sector.

In the framework of the Project “Valorization of Portuguese Heritage” (FGC) and the UNESCO Chair in “Intangible Heritage and Traditional Know-How: Linking Heritage”, Cadi Ayyad University took part in the organization of an International Seminar entitled Patrimoine et Pluralité:Politiques, Enjeux et Représentations au Maroc Contemporain, which took place in Marrakech and Safi in January 2014.