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University of Cape Verde

Public university of the island republic of Cape Verde, established in 2006.
«The University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV) is a center of creation, dissemination and promotion of culture, science and technology, combining study and research in order to enhance human development, considered to be a strategic factor for the sustainable development of the country.» (quotation from the University's Mission Statement).

The Agreement concerning the establishment of a UNESCO Chair in 'Intangible Heritage and Traditional Know-How: Linking Heritage' at the University of Evora states that it is a specific objective of the Chair "to develop and implement, jointly with partners, a cooperation programme to support, from a scientific point of view, the creation of a research centre of excellence at the University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV)."

Apart from being in line with UNESCO’s priorities for the culture sector, this emphasis is also due to the rich pattern of Cape Verdean cultural manifestations, which the cooperation programme will address in all its diversity. The key role of this partnership is underlined by the fact that João Lopes Filho, eminent researcher and Professor at the University of Cape Verde, is a team member of the UNESCO Chair.

University website (in Portuguese): http://www.unicv.edu.cv