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Recovering the “Falcoaria Real de Salvaterra de Magos”: heritage and development [Portugal]


Recovering the “Falcoaria Real de Salvaterra de Magos”: heritage and development


Salvaterra de Magos City Council / Portuguese Association of Falconry (Associação Portuguesa de Falcoaria - APF) / UNESCO Chair - CIDEHUS


Filipe Themudo Barata (Leader) and Cyril Isnart (UNESCO Chair) / Patrícia Leite and Roberto Caneira (Salvaterra de Magos City Council) / Pedro Afonso (APF)



The project supports the Salvaterra de Magos City Council in its effort to produce the “Falcoaria Real” Safeguard Plan. This plan will be the basis for the Portuguese candidature to join the UNESCO group that has successfully inscribed Falconry in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. In the framework of this plan the Falcoaria Real will be able to become a local development asset and a national scientific and training reference in the art of Falconry.


A Salvaterra de Magos City Council project.


Main responsible: Salvaterra de Magos City Council (under evaluation)


  • Integration of Portugal into the group of countries that have the practice of Falconry inscribed on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO, 2016)
  • Special edition of the journal “Salvaterra. Memórias de um Concelho” under the responsibility of Patrícia Leite.
  • Portuguese postal stamp edition (CTT): on March 23, 2013, CTT-Correios de Portugal launched in Salvaterra de Magos a new edition dedicated to falconry.
    See: APF website | Correio da Manhã (portuguese daily newspaper)
  • Thanks to the kind permission of the Fundação/Museu do Oriente, the catalogue "The Art of Falconry from the East to the West" is available on the UNESCO Chair's website. The exhibition with the same name took place at the Museu do Oriente in Lisbon between November 20, 2015 and March 6, 2016, bringing together paintings, engravings, sculptures, textiles, tiles, equipments, photographs and videos from museums, foundations and private collections, both foreign and national.
    PDF-file of the catalogue The Art of Falconry .


For more information on falconry, have a look at the related UNESCO website