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Cultural Landscapes and Heritage in Rural Areas [Portugal]


Cultural Landscapes and Heritage in Rural Areas




UNESCO Chair Team: Sofia Capelo (Coord.), José Manuel Mascarenhas and Filipe Themudo Barata


This research group studies landscape as a heritage asset, which is approached from a global perspective and through the use of comparative studies in a wide range of subjects, such as evaluation and monitoring tools, ecology or valorization and conservation policies.
In order to communicate the conclusions of its internal and ongoing debates, the group decided to take part in meetings, conferences, and other public events on a regular basis.
One of the main fields of its work is related to the need to evaluate and monitor heritage and cultural landscapes, for which it is necessary to find accurate criteria and to decide on the relevance these criteria might have for the task.
In another important part of its research, the group aims to understand the connections between landscapes, social cohesion, and other intangible factors, and tries to pinpoint new trends and challenges to rural areas.


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Research centers: CIDEHUS and ICAAM


Up to the present, the group has contributed to the following scientific events:

IALE 2013 European Congress "Changing European Landscapes, Landscape ecology, local to global", Manchester 9-12 Sept 2013.
Paper: Ups-and-downs of Mediterranean terraced landscapes: comparative study of four cases in different countries ( abstract_Manchester_09_2013 )

International Conference on Heritage Interpretation, Sigtuna, Sweden, 15-18 June 2013.
Paper: Is social cohesion affecting heritage landscape preservation and interpretation?
( abstract_Sigtuna_06_2013 )

15th International Conference of Historical Geographers, Prague, Czech Republic, 6-10 August 2012.
Paper: Estimating the heritage value of cultural landscapes: a comparative study
( abstract_Prague_08_2012 )

Conference "Four Dimensions on Landscape", Warsaw, 15-17 September 2011.
Article in Conference Proceedings: Monitoring indicators as an important tool to assess the quality of heritage landscape along the time ( abstract_Warsaw_09_2012 )

Conference "Los bienes culturales u sua portaciónal desarrollo sostenible”, Alicante, 2-4 June 2011.
Paper: Research on cultural landscape values, monitoring heritage projects and research work outcomes ( abstract_Alicante_06_2011 )

International Conference "Landscapes of everyday life", Perpignan and Gerona, 16-18 March 2011.
Paper: Caring about cultural landscapes: looking for heritage evaluation and monitoring tools
( abstract_Perpignan_Gerona_03_2011 )

ECLAS Conference 2010, Istanbul, Turkey, 29 September to 2 October 2010.
Poster: The Cultural Park: monitoring indicators as a heritage landscape planning tool
( abstract_Istanbul_09_ 2010 )

CZ-IALE International Conference in Landscape Ecology, Brno-Prague, Czech Republic, 3-7 September 2010.
Paper: Why cultural landscapes have different values? Thinking about heritage landscape evaluation and monitoring tools ( abstract_Brno_09_2010 )

2nd International Symposium of Geography, Bucharest, Romania, 16-18 April 2010.
Article in Symposium Proceedings: Is it possible to keep heritage landscapes original functions? Remarks on land degradation threats and monitoring indicators ( abstract_Bucharest_04_2010 )

XXIII ESRS Congress, Vaasa, Finland, 17-21 August 2009.
Paper: The Cultural Park: A multifunctional tool to rural areas revival ( abstract_Vaasa_08_2009 )