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Safi Fortress

Crossing the Mediterranean Strait [Portugal/Morocco]


Crossing the Mediterranean Strait: 1300 years of Muslim Culture in the Maghreb and Gharb al-Andalus region. A new Architectural and Historical Prespective.


CIDEHUS (University of Évora) – École Nationale d’Architecture de Tétouan (School of Architecture of Tetouan)


João Rocha and Hakim Cherkaoui (Coord), Filipe Themudo Barata, Fernando Branco Correia, João Matos, Jorge Sá, Nasser Rabat, Carlos Peres Marin, Blanca Espigares Rooney



The main questions to be addressed are: why and how has this heritage gained mixed perceptions in relation to its meaning, its function and even its authenticity? Different cultures develop different views of their heritage, divided and contradictory on one hand, but also shared on the other.

Is identity in architecture ideological rather than spatially or architecturally induced? These issues cannot be looked upon separately. In fact, they constitute the central goal of this project, which intends to conduct research into primary and secundary historical sources, in order to gain a new holistic perspective on the 1300 years that have passed since Islamic material heritage was first established in the Maghreb and Gharb al-Andaluz.

Key words – Architecture, Islamic culture, Heritage, Maghreb, Garb-al-Andaluz


  • Transnational cooperation (3 years) – Researcher Mobility Cooperation. Portugal/ Morroco Bilateral Agreements
  • Started in 2013


1500 € per year - FCT (Portugal)
1500 € per year - CNRST (Morroco)



Image: The Dar el Bahar or Qasr el-Bahr (“Sea Castle”) is a fortress in Safi (Morocco) that was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century.