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CreativeMED [Italy, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Cyprus, France, Croatia] – now closed


CreativeMED – SME Creativity and Innovation for a MED Space Smart Specialisation Framework


EU, European Union – MED Programme


University of Évora (CIDEHUS), Portugal: Filipe Themudo Barata, Sónia Moreira Cabeça; Municipality of Prato (Leader), Italy; Consortium ARCA, Italy; Region of Central Macedonia, Greece; Business Development Agency of Rethymnon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Greece; Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce, Greece; E-Zavod / Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions, Slovenia; University of Valencia, Spain; Chamber of Commerce of Seville, Spain; Larnaca District Development Institute, Cyprus; Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories (AVITEM), France; Brodarski Institute, Croatia



CreativeMED will integrate the outcomes of key projects in the area of innovation and Smart Growth as an emergent development model and facilitate its deep uptake across all levels of policy making, local implementation, and by technical and scientific communities. The CreativeMED policy learning process will diffuse the key aspects of the new model, as well as co-design the operational model for its implementation in terms of specific instruments and policy actions.

CreativeMED capitalizes outcomes of MEDLAB, SMILIES, CHORD, SOSTENUTO, MEDGOVERNANCE and MEDINS, and other related projects to develop a framework for bottom-up Smart Specialization based on cultural anchoring, open network organizations, innovation mixes, collective learning, and shared values.


  • 1CAP–MED 12-10 FEDER / MED Programme – European Territorial Cooperation 2007-2013
  • 2013 to 2016


75000 € – European Union / University of Évora (Portugal)


CreativeMED – Portugal’s Blog – University of Évora: creativemedpt.wordpress.com
CreativeMED – White Paper: The CreativeMED Model for Smart Specialisation
CreativeMED – Livro Branco: O Modelo CreativeMED para a Smart Specialisation